Fiduciary Services 

With the newly issued DOL Fiduciary Rule, American Trust Custody has been approached by many brokerage and advisory firms to help them develop a strategy to retain and grow their retirement plan assets under these new regulations. We believe FiduciaryxChange® gives these firms the tools they need to not only survive but thrive in the new regulatory landscape. 

Automate Compensation Billing and Collection

The DOL fiduciary rule has dramatically changed the game for commission-based advisors. For the financial professional who wants to continue to provide retirement services while being compensated through commissions, American Trust Custody will support assessment of a level platform fee in concert with the plan recordkeeper. This fee will include the compensation to be paid to the advisor for a specific set of services pursuant to an instruction from the outside dealer’s home office to facilitate the implementation of each dealer’s program guidelines, recognizing that various dealers may interpret the rule differently. Any available commissions (i.e., 12b-1s, Finders’ Fees, etc.) will be collected by American Trust Custody. American Trust Custody, along with its recordkeeping partners, will then further calculate and collect the total platform fee based on the plan sponsor’s election for plan service payment (through participant accounts, an ERISA recapture account, billed directly sponsor, etc.). Once the platform fee is collected, the advisor’s total compensation will then be paid to the home office through a check, electronic funds transfer, or via the NSCC’s Payment axis® service. 

For Fee-Based Compensation  

While not as dramatically affected by the fiduciary rule, many firms have indicated that the current process of collecting fees for fee-based advisors is a very manual process, wrought with errors and delays. Many industry experts expect a monumental shift from commission to feebased services, which will only exacerbate these problems. By utilizing FiduciaryxChange®, financial firms can choose to allow American Trust Custody to handle the invoicing and collection process for any plan on the American Trust Custody platform. Firms utilizing these services will more easily be able to track revenue earned, actual revenue collected, and any outstanding receivables through a more automated and centralized environment.

Receive Detailed Plan Information   

For many firms, tracking plans held away can become a resource drain on both advisors and their compliance departments. The complexity of gathering that information grows exponentially as the number of recordkeepers used by a single firm increases. By leveraging American Trust Custody, your firm can access data on plans held at any recordkeeper in the American Trust Custody network through a single, efficient interface. 

Data Feeds  

For firms that already have custom reporting systems in place, American Trust Custody can easily provide the necessary data feeds one needs to populate these systems. American Trust Custody can also supply a myriad of data elements through the NSCC Retirement Plan Reporting service to NSCC member firms. Many dealers are also pleased to learn that American Trust Custody has existing interfaces to many third party performance and account aggregation systems, allowing seamless consumption of plan data within their existing systems. 

Add Third Party Fiduciary Services 

Many firms, both commission and fee based, have indicated that they may require a third party fiduciary serving as a 3(21) or 3(38) on plans for some or all of their advisors. FiduciaryxChange® provides a platform to “plug in” an optional third party fiduciary. The initial providers include both national firms as well as a host of smaller providers with specialized technology and expertise. For plans that choose this fiduciary option, FiduciaryxChange® will automate the onboarding, billing, reporting, investment lineup changes and when applicable, plan closings. Alternatively, should a firm choose to use an existing internal fiduciary oversight product, American Trust Custody will show how this important function can be completely automated to assure that a repeatable and streamlined process is put in place to achieve the best operating results. 

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