IRA Administration Solution

Having a partner like American Trust Custody can help alleviate the administrative burdens of your IRA program. With multiple levels of administrative support – each designed around your current needs for administrative functions like tax and compliance reporting, distributions and investment selectionAmerican Trust Custody has the right solution to outsource the administration of IRAs : 

Self-Administered IRA

  • Bank or trust company continues to serve as sponsor and administrator of the account, handling books and records of individual accounts. 
  • Omnibus trading with over 21,000 mutual funds and ETFs plus access to model strategies from global asset management companies. 

IRA Administration Support

  • Bank or trust company maintains the books and records of individual accounts and passes omnibus trades to American Trust Custody for execution.
  • American Trust Custody serves as the sponsor of the accounts, handling all distributions and tax and compliance filings. 

Fully Administrated IRA

  • Fully customized IRA with investments selected by the bank or trust company.
  • American Trust Custody serves as the sponsor, opens accounts for each client, handles all of the individual account trading, tax and compliance requirements, and distribution.

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