Helping Advisors Scale Their Retirement Practice

For an advisor, scaling their business requires a constant balance between attending to current clients’ needs and working to establish relationships with new clients. Under normal circumstances, monitoring the market and adjusting plan lineups and responding to client requests accordingly can consume a large portion of your time. The saying goes, business owners should be spending more time working ON their business than working IN the business. However, in today’s uncertain environment – where market volatility seems to be an everyday occurrence – balancing the management and growth of a retirement advisory practice can be difficult.

American Trust Custody provides a unique set of tools to provide advisors with the opportunity to focus more on the human side of this business — understanding the financial needs and goals of clients, prospects and retirement plan sponsors, and then building a plan to help them get there.

Seamlessly Integrate Professionally Managed Models into Retirement Plans

ModelxChange® Gallery was explicitly created to provide advisors with access to world-class portfolio construction and management expertise. The goal is to alleviate the time and pressure required to build and constantly manage well-allocated investment portfolios and provide advisors with the opportunity to select the model portfolios, or combination of model portfolios that are most suitable for each client or retirement plan participant.

Plan Investment Plus (PIP)

Through our collaboration with Newkirk/MasteryPOINT, PIP automates plan investment policy statement generation, fund scoring, periodic reports, and policy compliance measurement in a polished package for plan sponsors. With PIP you can:


  • Monitor plan investments by selecting from among 45 different standards and establishing criteria for each standard
  • Create professional, full-color reports showing how a plan’s investments perform with respect to the selected standards
  • Incorporate the selected standards within the plan’s investment policy statement
  • Create investment committee meeting agendas and record meeting decisions for future reference and action
  • Identify alternative investment options for underperforming investments
  • Create plan-level asset and expense reports
  • Provide monthly investment performance information

Fund Database Research Tools

Includes on-demand access to details related to all fund revenue sharing paid for a plan or group of plans and the ability to run projected revenue sharing estimates based on investment lineups and current balances. This includes:


  • Fund operational data such as minimums, closures and other restrictions
  • On-demand fund and lineup fact sheets
  • Data powered by three separate sources and updated monthly

Plan Prospecting Tools

Create a myriad of reports from a robust database that can help you identify plan prospect opportunities within a specific geographical area. This unique online system will allow you to slice and dice hundreds of data points to come up with a particular target list which can include, to name just a few:


  • Full contact information
  • Plan asset size
  • Number of participants
  • Current investment lineups
  • Plan vendor providers and more

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